Monthly Archives: July 2019

Some advance in polymorphic disambiguation

Just powered the new engine (prototypal, not yet transferred to the API which is used both by the current site translator and the Android application) and made a few tests: it works! Let us take an example with French ‘en fait’: ‘en fait’ (in fact, actually, difatti) from the viewpoint of two-sided grammar is synthetically an adverb, made up – analytically – of a preposition followed by a singular noun. ‘en fait’ is polymorphic in the sense that it may also be part of the prepositional locution ‘en fait de’ (in fact of, in fatti di). Alternatively, ‘en fait’ may also be a pronoun (‘en’, it, ni) followed by the present tense (‘fait’, faci) of the verb ‘faire’ (makes) at the 3rd person of the singular. So, ‘en fait’ is highly ambiguous and context-sensitive.

As the above screenshot illustrates, the new engine handles adequately the three kinds of ‘en fait’. It could be kind of a breakthrough with regard to rule-based translation, since it is a well-known weakness of this type of MT implementation. Presumably, this progress on polymorphic disambiguation opens the path to some 95% or 96% scoring.