Efficiency open test: updating the protocol (on may 2018)

Now updating the efficiency open test’s protocol, targeted at measuring the accuracy of the French to Corsican translation. It is based on the wikipedia first 100 words of the ‘article of the day’, which changes everyday. The scoring will result from the 10 last tests performed. The test will be performed every saturday. Here is the first one. Scoring = 1 – (6/138) = 95,65%. One vocabulary error: the verb ‘égaler’ (to equal). It should also read ‘da u 1923 à u 1939‘, ‘u 16u‘ instead of ‘u 16e’, ‘a prova maestra‘.

The test is termed ‘open’ in the sense that:

  • its protocol is clearly described
  • the ‘article of the day’ of the french wikipedia is pseudo-random (there is room for discussion here ; arguably, it does not consist here of perfect randomness, but it can be considered that it provides  an acceptable level of randomness)
  • it is ‘open’ since it can be verified via the ochakko translator for android app