On versatile grammatical disambiguation

If we want to realize a rule-based translation eco-system (with many language pairs), a disambiguation module for grammatical types is necessary. Indeed, for the French language, such a module performs disambiguation with respect to about 100 categories. The number of pairs (or 3-tuples, 4-tuples, etc.) of disambiguation, for French, is about 250. We need a module that disambiguates each of these n-tuples. So these n-tuples are different from one language to another and necessitates a language-specific module. However, in the context of an eco-system, it is too complex and time-consuming to implement a disambiguation module for each language pair and each ambiguous type. What is needed is a disambiguation module that is not language-specific and that can be simply adapted to a given language pair. A versatile grammatical disambiguator seems to be the crux of the matter here.