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index page project for the online okchakko translator

Today we are launching a project on github to write a better index page for the okchakko translator project.

The current index page is located at the following address.

This index page gives online free access to the translation from French to Corsican, a language threatened with extinction.

The current index page has several defects:

  • it is basic, rather crude in its design on a white background
  • the source-text and the destination-text should be aligned horizontally (like Google translate, Deepl, etc.) and not vertically

The index page index.php will be published under the MIT license.

Your contributions are welcome. You can help this project by proposing a better index page that the current one of the okchakko project (a priori in php).

The two-language matching problem

Here is a problem for a human intelligence (or an AGI): we have a dictionary (with words, lemmas and grammatical types) in a language A and a second dictionary in a language B. If we have an extensive corpus of each of the two languages, is it possible to create a translation dictionary from A to B, and how? To take an example: if the two languages were French and English, we would have to associate ‘cheval’ with ‘horse’, etc. in the final translation dictionary, and so on for all the words of language A.

Highly related seems to be this paper: Deciphering Undersegmented Ancient Scripts Using Phonetic Prior.