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Word-sense disambiguation: first test of new engine

Now testing the new engine with the semantically ambiguous French ‘échecs’ = fiaschi/scacchi (failures/chess).

What is interesting here is that semantic disambiguation transfers successfully into English (although the French/English engine is still in its infancy as there are still a lot of grammatical errors):

Now further tests are needed with some other semantically ambiguous words:

  • ‘défense’: defense/tusk; Corsican: difesa/sanna
  • ‘fils’: sons/wires; Corsican: figlioli/fili
  • ‘comprendre’:
    understand/comprise; Corsican: capisce/cumprende
  • ‘vol’: flight/theft; Corsican: bulu/arrubecciu
  • ‘voler’: fly/steal; Corsican: bulà/arrubà
  • ‘échecs’: chess/failures; Corsican: scacchi/fiaschi
  • ‘palais’: palace/palaces/palate/palates; Corsican: palazzu/palazzi/palate/palates

In the background, the unresolved threefold ambiguity of French ‘partie’ = parti/partita/partita (part/game/gone) is lurking…

French to English: first experimental test

Now testing the translation from French to English. A lot of grammatical errors (a rough 75%). To mention but a few of them:

  • adjective + noun inversion: localities Alsatian should read: Alsatian localities
  • date format inversion: 4 March should read: March 4

The good news is that some ambiguous words translate properly: French ‘est’ (east/is) translates accurately into is; French ‘mort’ (death/dead) translates properly into dead. The disambiguation from French to Corsican has trasferred successfully to English, regarding these two words.