The disambiguation of French ‘fils’ again: scoring 98.42%

Scoring 1 – 2/127 = 98.42%. Of interest:

  • ‘de 839 à sa mort’ (from 839 to his death) should read: da u 839 à a so morte. French ‘de’ translates either into di or into da in Corsican language (to simplify matters, since in certain cases, being a partitive article, it translates into nothing).
  • now we face again the multi-ambiguous French ‘fils’, which can translate into: i) figliolu, masculine, singular (son) ii) figlioli, masculine, plural (sons) iii) fili, masculine, plural (wire/wires). In the present case, ‘Fils du roi…’ should translate Figliolu di u rè… (Son of King…).

To notice: five consecutive 100% sentences.

With regard to the Feigenbaum test: failed again. Arguably, the first error is of an acceptable kind, in this context. But the ‘fils’ error is a gross one, that a human would not do…