Monthly Archives: February 2018

Diachronic overview of performance at open test

Here is an overview of the average performance at open test. But we shall not extrapolate too fast… Presumably the most difficult will be from 98% to 99%, and even worse from 99% to 100% (if attainable…). It could even be extremely difficult to pass from 99.00% to 99.10%… And it may even take two years to pass from 97% to 98%. Who knows?

Now an open question that is lurking is the following: how hard will it be to pass from 98% to near 100%? To simplify matters and to put it in a sharper form, we can formulate it as follows: how hard will it be to pass from 99% to near 100%? Call it the last percent problem. It seems such an ability would at least require multi-language translation capability. But it could even require full-featured AI (not limited to machine translation). To put it more clearly: will near human quality translation require full-featured AI?

Testing large-scale self-evaluation

Now testing large-scale self-evaluation. In the present sample, self-evaluation relates to a 7693 words (45437 characters) text from the French wikipedia article on Constance II (Constantius II): 414 errors found.

The present test illustrates well the benefits of self-evaluation: it runs fast, and gives a rough estimation of MT accuracy (┬▒ 2%).