Determinant modifiers again

Let’s focus on the word class of determiner modifiers: they also include indefinite determiner modifiers. Indefinite determiners are thus: ‘tous les, aucun, aucune, quelques’ (all, none, none, some ; tutti i, nisciunu, nisciuna, calchì).
Here are some examples of these indefinite determiner modifiers: ‘presque tous les, quasi tous les, quasiment tous les, quasiment aucun, quasiment aucune, presque aucun, presque aucune, au moins quelques, au plus quelques, tout au plus quelques’ (almost all, almost all, almost all, almost none, almost none, at least some, at most some, at most some). Thus, ‘presque tous les’ (almost all; guasgi tutti i) in the sentence ‘presque tous les soldats’ (almost all the soldiers; guasgi tutti i suldati) is an indefinite determiner modifier.