New open test

Performing now a new open test, with the first 100 (more or less) words of the ‘article of the day’ from French wikipedia: we get 94,02% = 1 – (8 / 134). Several errors (5) result from lack of vocabulary. There are also some grammatical errors (da instead of par o , in diducendu instead of diducendu ni) and lastly, the diambiguation of polaccu (Polish) which is erroneous. The disambiguation of ‘partie’ is correct since it can be translated into parti (part) or into partita (gone, party).

Iterated open tests that that there is an average 50% of errors that result from lack of vocabulary. This type of error should be easy to tackle, inasmuch as it does not concerns rare words. Reasonably, a target of 96% or 97% should be attainable on this basis.