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Adjective disambiguation: a hard case

A hard case of disambiguation is successfully handled here (amid some vocabulary errors) : ‘les premiers parachutistes des 82e et 101e divisions…’ is properly translated into … di i 82a è 101a divisioni… It is a hard case, since ultima facie ’82e’ and ‘101e’ are both feminine singular whereas ‘divisions’ is feminine plural (since there are two divisions). But prima facie, ’82e’ and ‘101e’ in French (in full ’82ème’ and ‘101ème’, i.e. 82th and 101th) are both ambiguous between masculine singular and feminine singular.

Also of interest:

  • self-evaluation in this case is rather reliable, as it provides roughly the same result than human evaluation
  • there is a false positive: ‘CG-4A’ being translated erroneously into CG-4Hà: this raises the issue of the correct translation of proper nouns that are composed of letters and numbers