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On the category of adverb modifiers

Let’s continue to rethink the gruesome (so is it argued here) category of adverbs (in the classical sense). Let’s now turn our attention to the category of ‘adverb modifiers’. Adverbs are understood here in a restricted sense: they are either … Continue reading

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More on two-sided grammar

Let’s focus on analyzing the following phrases: à force de courage (bravely) à force de courage et de persévérance (by dint of courage and perseverance) avec beaucoup d’abnégation (selflessly) d’une manière ou d’une autre (in any way) d’une façon vraiment … Continue reading

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Grammatical categories by position again: the case of adverbs and modulators placed before a modulator

Let us try to delve more deeply into the case of adverbs. We shall continue now to define them by their position in relation to other grammatical categories. The result is that adverbs are divided into several different categories. Now … Continue reading

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