Traduttore corsu/French-Corsican translator – professional version

The application Traduttore corsu/French-Corsican translator professional version is an application for Windows dedicated to French-Corsican translation. It allows you to translate from a French text into one of the three main variants of the Corsican language: cismuntincu, sartinese or taravese. The professional version offers the following advantages:

  • the number of requests is not limited.
  • the length of the text to be translated is not limited.
  • SSL public key cryptography ensures the confidentiality and protection of all data transmitted between the client’s web applications and the Traduttore corsu execution server.
  • the client’s text is not stored on the server at any time, in order to offer the utmost confidentiality.
  • speed: a 17,000 word text is translated in 7 seconds


Once the monthly subscription payment has been made on the FastSpring website :

  • a code is given to you
  • a link to download the professional version of Traduttore corsu, in .zip format, has been provided. By clicking on this link, you download the installation file of the professional version. This is a standalone application, which does not need to be installed and can be stored, for example, on a USB stick.

To install the software, simply install this version on your computer. A security warning may appear (this is usual when the publisher is not known to Microsoft). Simply ignore it and then run the executable file traduttore_corsu.exe. Then press the button labelled Register.

An input line will appear. Simply enter the code that has been assigned to you and then press the Register button again. The professional version, with all its features, is then available..

Here are also some explanations about the features that are available:

Interface language You can choose the language of the program interface:

  • Corsican (cismuntincu)
  • Corsican (sartinese)
  • Corsican (taravese)
  • French
  • Italian
  • English

Compact writing There are currently two different ways of writing particular grammatical structures in Corsican. Both modes can be used. Here are some examples:

  • separate writing: manghjà lu, manghjà la, manghjà li, manghjà li, manghjà ni, manghjendu ni, manghjatu lu
  • compact writing: manghjallu, manghjalla, manghjalli, manghjalli, manghjanni, manghjenduni, manghjatulu

Load source Load the text to be translated from a .txt file..

Paste to source Paste a text at the level of the text to be translated.

Cancel source Delete the text to be translated.

Translate Perform the translation.

Copy translation Allows you to copy the translation and then paste it into another application using the CTRL-V keys.

Save translation Save the translation in a .txt text file.

Help Bring up the help fil.

Save Preferences Saves the current preferences.

Exit Exit the software.